Could Clinical Pilates do wonders for your back?

Back pain is a common occurrence with about 80% of the population experiencing at least an episode of back pain at some point in their lives. Although most cases of back pain self-resolve in a couple of weeks, recurrence can be as high as 80% in the next year. Over the years, Physiotherapy has established itself to be very effective in treating lower back pain. As always, exercise is a major component of the rehabilitation and at ECP, the physiotherapists stand out from the rest by treating their patients with Clinical Pilates exercises. 

Clinical Pilates is an evidence-based program developed by Craig Philips, an experienced Australian Physiotherapist.  It is highly individualized, with specific exercises prescribed based on your body’s preferred direction of movement. By exercising in the correct direction, the body begins the therapeutic recovery. Most times, immediate improvements can be seen post session in terms of strength and control.Clinical Pilates is led by qualified physiotherapists who have done their post-graduate training in Dma Clinical Pilates. The exercises are safe, effective and minimizes the risk of injury re-aggravation. The exercises can be prescribed at a level suitable for anyone from young to old.

Ms Linda, 58, has been suffering from chronic back pain and sciatica for 2 years. It was so severe initially that she could not sit for more than 15 minutes and was depressed that she could not function properly. Ever since starting on the Clinical Pilates program 3 months ago, where she was first assessed then prescribed a series of specific directional exercises on the reformer and trapeze, she has seen marked improvements in her back pain and functions and she is now able to sit comfortably for more than 2 hours without feeling much back pain.

At ECP the physiotherapy department has a dedicated floor for Clinical Pilates with the complete set combination of Pilates equipment including four reformers and 2 trapeze tables with a spacious area allowing for mat-work exercise.