Should You Exercise with Lower Back Pain?


When you visit a physiotherapy clinic with excruciating back ache, you hardly expect your therapist to advice regular exercise. Believe it or not, doctors actually feel that regular exercising can help alleviate chronic back ache. Specialists consider exercising to be an inexpensive, non invasive and affordable means of curing back related problems.

Why is exercising advised?

To begin with, regular exercising helps in reducing weight. Losing weight reduces the stress on the muscles of the lower back, relieving you of the pain. Exercising also improves body flexibility and a range of body motions. It also works towards strengthening the back muscles, thus preventing future episodes of chronic pains or aches.

What kinds of exercises are advised?

Since the lower back muscles are already stressed, safety becomes a top priority before you begin your exercise regime. You need to visit your physiotherapy clinic and stick to the suggestions offered by your physiotherapist. Exercises that put pressure on the affected area should be avoided completely. Here are some exercise suggestions.

·         Swimming – Water provides excellent support to your muscles and joints when you exercise. Apart from swimming, you can also try walking in water, lifting your body slowly with the help of your hands and similar movements for stretching and strengthening your muscles. Going for an aquatic exercise class might also help.

·         Bicycling – Cycling is an excellent exercise, which helps strengthen the joints and muscles of your lower back. Go slow and stop if you experience discomfort in and around the hip area. Make sure you do not overdo your biking schedule. Start with shorter durations and increase as the days pass.

·         Playing golf – If you love playing golf, your physiotherapist will certainly advise you to continue since it happens to be a low impact sport. However, make sure you stretch and warm up before starting off.

Remember to keep your posture right and use the right shoes before you begin exercising.