Tips for Flying with Back Pain


Flying long distance with severe back pain might prove to be extremely tiring. You will need assistance with respect to seating arrangements, additional help for moving around and so on. So, what should you do? Your physiotherapy specialist is the best person to guide you. Here are some more tips for your assistance.

Carry a letter from your doctor

It is wise to carry a letter with you, duly signed and stamped by your physiotherapy specialist. The letter should be addressed to the customer service department of your airline. It must specify your condition and the kind of help and assistance that you might need for a safe and comfortable flight. Although most airlines have a bad reputation with regard to the quality of customer service, a letter will at least brighten your chances of getting some help.

Choose your seat wisely

Some seats would be free while others will require additional pay. You must book a window seat that is not too far away from the washroom. Being on the middle or the aisle seat would require you to move out multiple times, whenever your co passenger wishes to step out for a quick washroom visit or a small walk down the aisle. The window seat remains undisturbed.

Keep medications handy

If the pain is severe, you can take a painkiller tablet right ahead of your boarding time. This will help manage the pain during the course of the flight. Keep other medications handy too. If it is a long haul flight, you may need to pop another pill or apply muscle relaxant for additional relief.

Don’t pack unnecessary things

When you are traveling with pain, it is always advisable to pack light. Carrying heavy bags will only worsen your condition.

Ask your physiotherapist to provide you contacts of some specialists you might have to consult, during your stay.