4 More Ways to Indulge Your Spine


Let’s face it; most of us are ignorant about spine care. And it is this casual approach that makes the spinal cord more susceptible to pains and injuries. Physiotherapy specialists assert that timely care and maintenance goes a long way in protecting it. Here are 4 more ways to take preventive care of your spine.

1. Choose the right pillow for your sleep

Ideally, you need a pillow for supporting the curves of your neck. So, people with different sleeping postures will need different pillows. If you sleep on the side, your pillow should be thicker for ensuring correct positioning of the head and neck. Similarly, a lot depends on your built as well. Petite frames will need slimmer pillows and broad shouldered people will need thicker ones.

2. Exercising in water

Exercising in water is excellent for your spine because the buoyancy of water provides upward support to your spine and reduces the downward force of gravity. In addition, the mild viscosity of water provides the right resistance to motion, by friction. This reduces the risk of spine injury during exercising and provides additional flexibility to the spinal joints.

3. Kick the butt

Smoking actually increases the chances of developing spinal disorders that are degenerative in nature and may lead to back pain. This is because smoking is responsible for damaging vascular structures of joints and discs. Therefore, if you are a smoker, it is time to kick the butt and opt for healthier addictions instead. Although this may seem difficult at first, the efforts are surely to pay off.

4. Opt for a standing desk

The sitting posture puts three-fold pressure on the spinal discs of your lower back, as compared to the standing posture. Your lumbar spine can be under huge stress if you sit at your desk for long hours. Opting for a standing desk for intermittent use will do a whole lot of good to your spine.

Never ignore pain or discomfort in the spinal discs. Seek comprehensive guidance and help from your physiotherapy specialist before it is too late.