Top 4 Ways to Indulge Your spine


Most of us tend to be ignorant about the condition of our spine, and neglect aches and pains till they are manageable. It is only when the problems become acute, requiring frequent visits to a physiotherapy clinic, do we sit up and take note. It is important to understand that problems of the spinal cord can lead to fair amount of complications. Ideally, you should take proactive measures for keeping the all important support system of our body, in perfect shape. Here are 4 ways to pamper your spine.

1. Include yogic postures in your daily regime

Believe it or not, practicing yoga is the best way to strengthen your spinal cord. You need to keep aside half hour everyday and practice the cobra pose, cow pose, twist while sitting, dog pose by facing downwards and triangle pose. When practiced daily, these posses nourish the spine and make it more flexible.

2. Take a walk regularly

Another way to indulge your spike by strengthening the core muscles is to set time aside for a walk, on regular basis. Low impact aerobic exercises like jogging can also be considered. Apart from strengthening the core, daily walks improve flexibility and reinforces the bone structure.

3. Eat right

Avoid saturated fats, too much sugar, baked good, processed or packed foods in your diet. These are extremely harmful for your spine. Choose fresh fruits, whole grains and veggies instead. Opt for sources of lean protein like chicken or tofu.

4. Check your sitting posture

This is especially important if you have a desk job. The spine has several curves and ideally, the sitting arrangement should support these for proper comfort. You will certainly need ergonomically designed chairs. You may also consider sitting on an exercise ball for few hours in the day.

As your physiotherapy clinic will advise you, any problem concerning the spine, should be tackled immediately. Preventive measures go a long way in managing these problems in future.