3 Mistakes that Can Make Your Back Pain Worse


A chronic back pain is like an annoying guest who doesn’t wish to leave you any time soon. You really need to devise strategies for shooing it away, the faster you can. Of course, physiotherapy treatments prove to be extremely helpful. However, there are some common mistakes to avoid for a complete recovery or prevention. Here are a few of the common mistakes that worsen a back pain.

1. Not knowing the triggers

Not everyone with a back pain suffers the same symptoms. And the triggers could be distinctly different too. So, you need to understand the ones that worsen your condition. It could be your sleeping pose, any particular exercise, any food item or even any medicines you usually take for back pain. You need to identify your triggers and avoid them as much as possible.

2. Incorrect posture

Your physiotherapy specialist will advise you on the more desirable postures. Slouching is the most common mistake we all commit. Be it while standing or sitting, your back needs to be upright at all times. Even at work, you need an ergonomic chair with an upright back support, for complete comfort and rest. An additional support for your lower back might also helpful.

3. Skipping warm up due to lack of time

If you have no time for warm up, it is advisable to skip the actual workout as well. If you do not warm up, the muscles are not in proper condition to endure the exercise since the blood circulation within the muscles is not adequate. This undue stress put on the muscles can cause pain.

If you suffer lower back pain, you should handle it with utmost seriousness. Consider visiting a physiotherapy clinic and making the necessary lifestyle changes. It is important to be mindful about your condition and act accordingly.