Types of Ankle Injuries

Most people have suffered an ankle injury at some point in their life. However, the severity and consequences of all ankle injuries are not the same. If the pain does not go away after first aid and rest, you should visit a physiotherapy clinic for a proper diagnosis. Medical experts can quickly identify the type of injury you’ve had and recommend a treatment option accordingly.

Ankle anatomy

There are actually two joints in the ankle, with one of them responsible for the up-and-down movements and another helping in the side-to-side movements of the feet. The main ankle joint, which helps move the feet up and down, is the meeting point of three bones – the tibia, fibula and the talus. In addition, there are ligaments to hold the bones and tendons that connect the bones to the muscles. Depending on which element of the ankle has been injured, there are different types of ankle injuries. Here’s a look at some common types.


An ankle sprain occurs when the ligaments in the ankle get damaged or torn. This is often caused by excessive stretching of the ligaments. For instance, when playing football, you may be tackled harshly, resulting in your ankle turning outward and your foot rolling inward. You can also get an ankle sprain from falling, jumping, tripping and any sudden force on the ankle. Common symptoms of ankle sprain include severe pain, swelling and bruising.


 A fracture injury occurs when one of the bones in the ankle gets broken. This could be serious and may even require undergoing an immediate surgery. You should see a doctor at the earliest possible to minimize the extent of the damage.


This type of ankle injury occurs when the tendons in the ankle gets damaged. Tendon injuries may range from microscopic tears to more serious ruptures. Common symptoms include inflammation and pain.