How to Prevent Work-Related Back Pain

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No matter the type and nature of your work, back pain makes it difficult for you to concentrate on the job. You can get work-related back pain from heavy lifting, working long hours on a computer or activities that require repeated twisting and turning of the spine. Thankfully, most cases of back pain heal naturally within a few days. Otherwise, you can visit a physiotherapy clinic for proper treatment. If you often suffer back pain or are concerned about the odds of it in future, you can take the following steps to prevent back pain.

Correct your sitting posture

If you spend most parts of your day working on a computer, correcting your sitting posture is very important. Try to use a height-adjustable chair. Make sure that when you sit in the chair, your feet rest on the floor and your upper leg (thigh) remains perpendicular to your lower leg. Also, keep your head up and your shoulders stretched. Avoid bad habits, such as, sitting cross legged or with your wallet in the back pocket.

Watch out for poor standing posture

If you work on a standing desk, it is important to correct your standing posture. Do not put more pressure on one leg and less on another when standing. You should balance the weight between two legs.

Lift properly

If you often need to lift heavy objects, learn how to lift properly without hurting your back. For instance, you should stretch your legs and keep the objects close to your body when lifting. Also, avoid twisting or turning your waist when lifting heavy objects. Whenever possible, ask for help or use lifting equipment.

Take frequent breaks

It is always a good idea to take a small break after every hour. This helps improve your blood circulation and prevent back pain. You should also intake enough water and add more vegetables to your diet.