How to Sleep with Lower Back Pain


Most people suffer lower back pain at some point in their life. Often, the pain goes away naturally after a few days. Physiotherapy treatment can help you heal even faster. However, so long as the pain persists, it usually makes sleeping at night difficult for you.

When you have lower back pain, consider sleeping with your back aligned in a comfortable position. The right sleeping position for lower back pain varies from person to person, but the following three positions work best for most patients.

1. Sleeping on your side

If sleeping on your back hurts, try sleeping on either your left or right side. Also, consider placing a pillow between your knees for a comfortable alignment of your spine. If the gap between your waist and the mattress is quite wide, you can even put a small pillow under your waist.

When sleeping on your side, ideally you should avoid the fetal position. However, depending on how the position feels, you may be advised to sleep with your knees pulled towards the chest. For instance, patients with a herniated disk find the fetal position more comfortable for sleeping.

2. Sleeping on your back

Depending on the location of your lower back pain, sleeping on your back with a pillow placed under your knees could be more comfortable for you. You may also want to add a rolled up towel under your back to support the natural curvature of your spine.

3. Sleeping on your stomach

In some cases of back pain, sleeping on the stomach could be helpful. If you choose to sleep in this position, consider placing a small pillow under your lower abdomen area. This will help take the pressure off your spine. If required, you may even want to avoid using a pillow under your head for better alignment.