Bachelor of Science in Physiotherapy
(Kings college london)


Charlie has recently moved to Singapore. Having graduated from King's College in London, Charlie worked at the Royal United Hospital (UK). Prior to physiotherapy, Charlie worked in physical theatre as trapeze artist and equestrian stunt performer. This has enabled her to personally understand the importance of maintaining health and fitness at high levels as well as the requirements of returning to training and competition post-injury.

Focused and highly motivated, she strives to work with both flexibility and sensitivity to provide an individual approach with her patients and believes in hands on approach to treatment and feels an individualised exercise rehabilitation programme plays a vital part in achieving goals.

Charlie is a passionate equestrian athlete having competed at National level in show jumping during junior and young riders and has represented the Great British Equestrian University Squad. With her knowledge of equestrianism, Charlie has developed a rider analysis, which specifically looks at rider asymmetries and weaknesses of the equine athlete. Problem areas are addressed by individual treatment and a tailored strength and conditioning programme with the aim to improve performance.