Masters in Manual and Sports Physiotherapy (Australia) 

Shiv graduated in India and gained his initial experience working in India and Australia. He attained his master's degree in Manual and Sports Physiotherapy in University of South Australia in 2009. This broadened his knowledge to provide an expert opinion and diagnosis in even the most difficult of cases. Shiv’s aim is to integrate his manual skills with an exercise based approach to help speed up patients' recovery and restore their functional goals. Shiv is also a founder of Rehab Mantra (website), where he contributes through his blogs to share all his expertise and experience.

Shiv is a sports enthusiast and is active in cricket, volleyball, basketball, and badminton. Being a sports enthusiast he understands the importance of a quick return and he has passion to treat various sport injury to help players to return to pre-injury level. Shiv has provided Sports Physiotherapy services at many sports events including Australian Rules football, rugby, netball, triathlon and cricket. Shiv is particularly interested in shoulder and knee problems, spinal dysfunction, biomechanics analysis of sports injuries and exercise rehabilitation for muscle imbalance problems.